1st Cohort of the Network of African Youth in Conflict Prevention and Mediation (WiseYouth Network)

 Deadline: 14th of June, 2024

The first cohort of the Network of African Youth in Conflict Prevention and Mediation (WiseYouth Network) is now accepting applications.

The fourth cohort of the Panel of the Wise proposed the creation of a Network of African Youth in Conflict Prevention and Mediation (WiseYouth) in order to highlight the critical role that youth play in efforts to bring about peace on the African continent. This proposal was approved by decision (Assembly/AU/Dec.815(XXXV)) during the 35th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government in February 2022.

The WiseYouth Network, as a subsidiary mechanism to the Panel of the Wise, under the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), contributes to strengthening the role of youth in conflict prevention, mediation and dialogue efforts, and provides a platform for strategic advocacy, capacity building and networking, while striving to actualize the commitment for youth inclusion in peace-making in Africa.


The WiseYouth Network, while maintaining gender parity, is expected to comprise of twenty (20) members, with four members (two male and two female) from each of the five regions, with the specific expertise in thematic areas related to preventive diplomacy, mediation and dialogue. The selected WiseYouth members will also work closely with the AU Youth Envoy and the African Youth Ambassadors for Peace (AYAPs), to ensure coordination and complementarity of efforts.


The tenure of each cohort of WiseYouth will be for a period of three (3) years, non-renewable, to allow an opportunity for other young people with requisite expertise to aspire and serve in the Network.


Membership of WiseYouth is not a paid role. Benefits of being a member of the WiseYouth network will include:

  • Be part of a Network of Young peacebuilders on the continent engaged in conflict prevention, mediation, dialogue and other peace processes at all levels
  • Access to global networks of youth engaged broadly in Youth, Peace and Security, that will be partnered with the Network
  • Eligibility for advanced and thematic trainings, development opportunities,
  • Eligibility for deployment opportunities to AU-led and supported preventive diplomacy, mediation, dialogue and other peace processes;
  • Participation in activities on behalf of the Network;
  • Mentorship and peer-coaching from highly experienced top conflict prevention and mediation practitioners on the continent, including members of the Panel of the Wise (and its subsidiary mechanisms, PanWise and FemWise-Africa).


Application is open to all African Youth with demonstrated and documented experience in conflict prevention, mediation and dialogue at all levels. Applications from eligible youth, including young women, displaced persons and persons with disabilities who meet the following criteria are particularly encouraged:

  • Identity: Youth of African Citizenship living in Africa;
  • Academic Qualifications: A Bachelor’s Degree is required;
  • General Experience: Demonstrable results or credible proof of three (3) years’ experience in conflict prevention, mediation and dialogue is required, based on 2 -3 examples of concrete actions taken in the promotion of peace processes or facilitating multi-stakeholders dialogue;
  • Language: Working proficiency in a minimum of one official AU language (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Swahili, Spanish);
  • Age: Between 18 and 35 for the entire duration of their tenure;
  • Availability: be willing to undertake deployment and participate in various activities on behalf of the Network upon request;


Qualified candidates should submit their applications through the following link, on or before 14 June 2024:

A complete application will comprise the submission of the following documents:

  • An abridged professional CV,
  • A minimum of two references;
  • A covering letter and;
  • A biography not exceeding 700 words

Click here to apply

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